by Warchief

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released June 2, 2015

Warchief: Tommi Rintala, Teemu Pellonpää, Esa Pirttimäki, Juho Saarikoski
Recording/mixing: Pyry Mäkinen
Mastering: Mika Savolainen
Cover art: Ville Assinen
Band photo: Aleksi Sorjonen

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Listen to the album on Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/0znxAFb7YzEwY45jw50wpv

Check out the music video for "Hounds of the Dune" here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2GbD6vNNeU

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Warchief Finland

A Finnish band that explores the many dimensions of the rock and roll universe.

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Track Name: Give
oneness with the jaded stars
at the edge of their light
wide-eyed in silence, we gazed the sky
embraced in the eleventh hour
of our last night
as the fleeting moments passed
we didn't bear to say goodbye

to give them life, my own i'll drain
at the edge of light i'll see you smile again

no chance for me to stay
couldn't live with such choice
at the mercy of time and space i must journey on
distress hanging in the air
it's trembling my voice
now duty calls to avail mankind
to another dawn

feeling my own significance receding
at the speed that slows the hours
one day i will return to earth that once was
centuries ago a home of ours
Track Name: Hounds of the Dune
carried through the open and crude
intertwined with the wind. threatening, undisciplined.
through the withered and and subdued
deepened echoes from the unexplored
the whispered omen was rumbling toward

the hounds of the dune are awake
they'll rip apart the silent hour
the hounds of the dune never wait
surreal terror as they growl in hunger

coarse skin will never slough
whipped in the whirling. vociferous roaring
back into the grit they're blown
from a lair of scorching sand
came the scourge of this rugged land
Track Name: Life Went On
i am thrown outside of this world
every time gazing up to the sky
can't believe that the change has begun
scarce words all end with a sigh
quandary, drown in me
weeks on end the rain it goes on
i am thrown outside of this world
lost to view the sun has gone

new aeon
life went on

through the towering layers above
rays of light come breaking to view
into fragments they cleave our despair
spraying forth an unusual hue
rapidly vanishing
with the rain the clouds disappear
not the wind that carried them on
still unclear what drained them here

full-scale transformation
a new shift in the paradigm
no vapour from the water domain
the earth swallows it all
drawn closer to the sun
trapped in circulation
exposed to its vehemence
blazing down from the heavens
Track Name: For Heavy Damage - I
at the brink of dawn
something shook the shivering daylight
the stillness of the night was gone

rays from the unknown
the dark energy spawned a spirit
a life from beyond the stone

white heavy cloths, centuries old
a creature from a tale never told

what anonymous glare brought this vile curse on to this world
tearing down every doctrine in its way. this texture feels no pain, with every inch inhumane

called upon again from the depths of the grave for a reason unknown
the gloomy end of the brightest sunrise is on the verge. it's about to emerge

across the mountains and time
it wandered on to claim its throne
pursuing the reign it once had. its prime

and at the brink of dawn
just before this fateful morning
how could life go on?

rancid grave-soaked hands swept right before me
i woke up to see the nightmare. one had slept long

still in shock from the sudden awakening
travelling hundreds of miles every minute
not aware of the time and place but still ever ready to kill

in the thrall of the lifegiving matter
the strange energy gleamed in its eyes
the pungent reek of an old tomb was bound to be mixed with the fresh stench of human blood

never quite understanding this world
gazing down at the panic and the terror
although everything was unfamiliar it felt like home inside

it felt the glory it had forgotten
the world changing forever by its hand
it remembered how good it felt to hear the streams of shrieks and the last breath of air blowing out

they fought through the day
bullets woudn't do
fire just scorched its surface
and the flames we're too quickly subdued

the last line of the human defence
wept terrified at its feet
and the last of the shouting rifles bursted out its dying cries
Track Name: For Heavy Damage - II
still alive i gazed from the ruins
no one else to defy it anymore

triumph from the human race
it danced around the carcass of the world

suddenly the night was filled with lights
then a thunderous noise took the skies

from between the stars something sucked it out
the lifeless creature inertly dropped to the ground

got us unprepared
we were safe and sound
our laws of physics
were capsized
something out of this world
came to devastate
and as quickly as it had appeared
it was absorbed